EICMA Draws Record Crowd of More than 500,000

Crowds jam the Harley-Davidson exhibit at EICMA last week during the show, part of more than 500,000 people to visit the show in Milan.

MILAN— The worlds largest motorcycle show and an important barometer of motorcycle business posted record attendance during its six-day show ended Sunday.

According numbers provided by show management, consumer traffic on Thursday was up 5% over the same day last year, 18% on Friday, 24% on Saturday, and 13% on a cold and rainy Sunday. That means attendance topped 500,000 visitors compared to about 450,000 at last year’s show.

Part of the reason for the gains, said EICMA Director Constantino Ruggiero, was the return of exhibitors Honda and Yamaha. Honda played a leading role, holding a huge press conference in the number one spot on the schedule Tuesday to kick off the show.

The show also drew 45,708 trade visitors, including 12,853 foreigners, and 2,104 accredited journalists. Meanwhile, EICMA’s website also recorded strong gains, climbing from 271,438 visitors to 340,664 visitors. JD

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An Interview with Constantino Ruggiero

Long-Time Italian Motorcycle Leader Retires

MILAN (Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010)— Constantino Ruggiero, 72, arguably is one of the most influential leaders in the Italian motorcycle industry. He is considered by many to be the grand old man of Italy’s two-wheel industry, everything from bicycles to mopeds and motorcycles. He’s headed the national association of bicycle and motorcycle manufacturers (ANCMA) for 25 years and built its annual equipment show, EICMA, to be the largest of its kind on earth.

Constantino Ruggiero

But now, Ruggiero is moving on; he retires on Jan. 1, 2011. I caught up with this soft-spoken Italian gentleman during one of his hectic days here at EICMA.  Here’s a summary of our conversation, edited for brevity and clarity.

Joe Delmont: Your retirement was a surprise to many. When is your last day in office?
Constantino Ruggiero: My retirement is effective Jan. 1, 2011.

JD: What will you do after you leave office?
CR: Anything I can find. I have to earn money in some way and not get bored. Now we are working in order to live to 120 years of age, so 72 is a very young guy.

JD: How long have you been in the industry?
CR: 25 years at ANCMA and 23 years before that at Pirelli.

JD: What accomplishment are you most proud of during your time at ANCMA?
CR: Perhaps the biggest accomplishment was the EICMA show in Italy and its expansion to Singapore and in China. 1987 was my first show. At that time, the show was 30,000 sq, m, and it housed both bicycles and motorbikes. We had about the same attendance that we have today and today it’s only for motorbikes.

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Second EICMA-China Show Set for July 2011

Seen as an exchange of commerce at the global level

MILAN (Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010)— The second annual EICMA-China motorcycle show has been scheduled for July 2-4,2011, at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, show organizers said here today.

Plans for the show were announced at a press conference conducted by the event’s planners: CIME (China Italy Motorcycle Exhibition), a joint venture of EICMA, the China Chamber of Commerce for Motorcycles (CCCMA) and the Genertec International Advertising & Exhibition Company.

Constantino Ruggiero

This year’s show was held last July in Beijing and drew 130 exhibitors and about 45,000 attendees. More than 200 exhibitors are expected to participate in next year’s show, said CCCM’s Bingnan Chen.

“The success of this first event was somewhat unexpected,” said Constantino Ruggiero, “since it was put together so quickly. Ruggiero is the executive director of ANCMA (Italian Manufacturers Association of Bicycles, Motorcycles and Accessories) and its EICMA show and was the driving force behind the creation of EICMA-China.Organizers have high hopes for the 2011 show, pointing out that the this year’s successful venture was put together in only seven months.

The 2011 edition will cover more space, have more exhibitors who will have access to more attendees, Chen said. For example, all leading Chinese manufacturers of motorcycles are expected to exhibit, he said.

New trading and marketing opportunities now are available to foreign sellers, due to changes in the China market place, according to Chen, but he didn’t provide any details.

“EICMA-China will supply the platform for foreign exhibitors to reach the Chinese market,” Chen said. “The objective is to create a platform for exchange at the global level,” he said.

Changes In Chinese Motorcycle Industry

While EICMA-China could provide an opportunity for  U.S. and European companies to reach Chinese consumers, it also could provide a boost to the Chinese motorcycle industry which is undergoing substantial changes.

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Opening Day at EICMA’s Motorcycle Show

Huge show venue covers area of nearly 47 football fields

MILAN — It’s been seven years since I walked this world’s largest motorcycle show,but it seems as though I was never gone.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (left) with the director of EICMA Costantino Ruggiero during opening day ceremonies. It's a memorable show for Ruggiero, who is retiring this year after 25 years as executive director of ANCMA, the Italian motorcycle and bicycle trade association, and head of the group's EICMA show.

While much has changed at EICMA, much is the same— the almost overwhelming size, the jammed press conference schedule on the first two days (Tuesday and Wednesday have 21 press conferences) devoted to trade and press representatives. The doors open to the general public on Thursday. By the time this 68th edition of EICMA wraps up on Sunday, Nov. 7, close to 500,000 people will have walked these aisles.

The highlight of the first day, for Italians certainly if not for foreign visitors, was the opening ceremony featuring Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Security seemed especially tight for Berlusconi’s visit this year and made it almost impossible to move through the presentation area in the main administration building that houses EICMA offices and the media room where we do a lot of our work. The media center is set up with computer facilities, and it hosts the drop off area where exhibitors distribute information to the media.

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Off To EICMA, World’s Largest Motorcycle Show

Joe Delmont

It’s Saturday afternoon, and in a few hours I’ll be boarding Delta flight 258 in Minneapolis headed for Milan Italy and EICMA, the world’s largest motorcycle show.

The show opens Tuesday and runs through Sunday, Nov. 7. I’ll be on the floor most days preparing reports that you can read here.

If you’ve not had an opportunity to visit EICMA, here are some numbers to consider: EICMA, which is open to consumers from Thursday to Sunday, drew 450,000 visitors last year, compared to the Dealer Expo which draws less than 20,000 industry only attendees. This year at EICMA, there will be  about 1,100 exhibitors from 35 countries set up in six show halls that cover 505,000 sq. ft.

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